Who Is Corey?

Stories That Provoke The Status Quo

Let’s Share Ideas

I am your friend and 
I want to learn more about you and YOUR story

As a community pharmacist for 30 years, my career has been all about getting my customers to share THEIR stories with me so that I could find the best ways to help them. It turns out that EVERYONE has a story and together we can design, develop, and deliver your stories in ways that will empower and inspire others to absolutely magical levels. You have so much to share.


A few things we can be great at together…

Writing isn’t something you are born with a gift for, it is a learned skill that anyone can master. What I do is listen to your story and help you flush out the details, sharply focus your content, and polish your delivery. Do you have difficulty coming up with time or ideas? I have tricks and tips for that as well.


Your leadership story IS there. I guarantee it. What we need to do is flush it out and set it up in a way that keeps interest and relates to your audience’s top of mind problem.


The influence is in the details. What most people do is nervously rush and shorten their story because they are afraid of boring people to death.
The details bring your story to life.


Each of your stories need to be fun and engaging which always means stepping into YOUR GREATNESS. Like Budweiser,  we will bring out your best, both in print or on stage, and we’ll have FUN doing it.

Enjoy the best
stories and conversations combined together

All of life is stories, conversations and the beliefs they create. Whenever I write or meet a new person, I visualize a synergistic sharing of ideas and life lessons in a quiet place over a hot cup of coffee. Stories and conversation help us understand who we are and how we think. Life was meant to be shared over a campfire, not a business table, so let’s work together to adapt to the modern world while still keeping to the traditional world.